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Researching Ivory Workshops

Researching Ivory Workshops are intended for anyone with active research interests and/or curatorial or conservation responsibilities for objects made from ivory – whether from elephants or other species – who would like to know more about current research in universities and museums on their identification, origins, working, uses, history, exhibition, curation and conservation, and the potential for future multi-disciplinary studies. The workshop should also appeal to individuals responsible for monitoring and controlling the illegal contemporary trade in ivory and ivory products.

Future events

Details of future Researching Ivory Workshops and links to other events of interest can be found here

Past ivory workshops

Selected paper summaries and posters from past workshops can be found here

Workshops 1, 2 and 3 were supported by funding from the AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage Programme.  Workshop 3 also received financial support form the HEEAL project.

Workshop 1 Maritime Museum, Liverpool April 23rd 2009 

Workshop 1 Abstracts

Workshop 2 Horniman Museum, London June 9th 2009

Workshop 2 Abstracts

Workshop 3 King's Manor, University of York 29th-30th September 2009

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Workshop 3 Abstracts

Workshop 3 poster Abstracts