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This website is designed to be a resource for anyone with active research interests in ivory, curatorial or conservation responsibilities for ivory objects or who is involved in monitoring and controlling its illegal contemporary trade.This resource has been initiated by the participants of the Ivory Research Cluster but its future development depends on continuing contributions from us all.

A important outcome of the Cluster Workshops has been the formulation of a series of protocols and guidelines to both inform and promote 'best practice' in the care and study of ivories. Topics include their destructive and non-destructive sampling.

If you would like to share information regarding important ivory collections, add to the annotated bibliography, know of unpublished thesis or other work on ivories, wish to comment on the protocols and  guidelines or have contributions for any of the sections of this website, please contact Sonia O'Connor at s.oconnor@bradford.ac.uk

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Programmes and poster and paper abstracts from the Cluster's Ivory Workshops are available here. Many of the presentations from these events can be found on the ivory research or protocols and guidelines pages.